Centexbel poster award

Scientists and researchers are invited to submit posters of their work in four streams: Bedding/sleeping, Wound care, Hygiene and Auxiliaries.
The poster show is an important part of the event and will be accessible during coffee and lunch breaks. The first day of the congress, before the lunch, the posters can also be orally presented to the audience.
During the poster sessions a jury, consisting of the chair people, will select the winning poster.
All scientific posters are reviewed and rated on the basis of scientific quality, clarity and impact.

The highest scoring scientific poster will be announced during the closing remarks of Friday.

The posters will be published on the congress website after the congress. The winning poster will be put in the picture.

More information about the scientific posters

Important dates:

  • Deadline for draft poster submission in A4: September 15, 2013
  • Announcement of acceptance of poster: September 16, 2013
  • Submission of poster at conference: October 10, 2013

Posters in competition :

  • Prevention of house dust mite allergy with functional fabrics: realistic improvements to in vitro investigations
    M. Handel, N. Berner-Dannenmann, TR Hammer, D. Hoefer – Hohenstein Institut für Textilinnovation (DE)
  • Integrated solutions for improving the quality of the rest
    O. Calvo, M. Blanes, K. Mollá – AITEX (ES)
  • Thermoresponsive textiles for enhanced comfort
    J. Ellis – Devan & S. De Vrieze – Centexbel (BE)
  • Smart homes in 2013: smart textile floors for people with reduced physical or mental abilities
    L. Billonnet, C. Aupetit-Berthelemot, C. Duteil-Mougel, J-M. Dumas - University of Limoges (FR) & M. Vanneste, C. Revercez, V. Canart – Centexbel (BE)
  • Safe and chemical-free cleaning system for hospital ward surfaces
    S. Tesi – Centrocot (IT)
  • Innovation in comfort with the Alsico A-MOVE
    Gunter Meessens – Alsico
  • Conductive coatings for smart textile applications in health care
    F. Govaert, I. De Vilder, M. Vanneste – Centexbel (BE)
  • New antimicrobials in textiles
    P. Heyse, D. De Smet, I. De Schrijver, M. Vanneste – Centexbel (BE)
  • EnCoMed: enzymatic functionalization of collagens for medical applications
    S. Iglesias-Garcia, M. Belly – Centexbel (BE) & W. Frieß – LMU Munich (DE) & G. Guebitz – Buko Wien (AU) & M. Schröpfer, M. Meyer – FILK (DE)
  • Advanced textiles for medical applications or use in medical surroundings
    M. Van Parys, I. Garez, F. Godefroidt, M. Vanderhoeven, T. Van Hove – HoGent (BE)
  • Wireless insole for independent and safe elderly living
    C. Carenas, E. Reixach, F. Breuil, E. Calderón – Cetemmsa (ES) & G. Talavera, J. Garcia – CAIAC (ES)
  • Health-care service functional textiles re-activation by laundry maintenance services
    M. Janíčková – Inotex (CZ)
  • Selective enzymatic treatment – an emerging tool of PET hospital and CR garment functionalization
    J. Marek – Inotex (CZ)
  • How to make the floor work for our health and wellbeing?
    Desso (BE)