About the conference

Today, the health care sector is facing some major challenges: 

  • societal changes, such as an ageing population, diseases typically caused by a strongly increased life expectancy and prosperity (diabetes, obesity, cardiac diseases, incontinency‚Ķ)
  • growing shortage of nurses and health care personnel

Because of the decreasing governmental financing, home care becomes more and more important. Hospitals, homes for elderly people, nursing facilities and private care institutions are merging to cope more efficiently with these changes. Market shifts and new strategies offer of course numerous opportunities for producers and suppliers of new products and services. The textile industry has to respond by seizing the newly offered chances in a dynamic way. Existing textile care & cure products must not only be improved but also expanded in function of the new needs and expectations of patients, professionals, informal and formal caregivers and everyone who wants to improve the quality of daily well-being. Technological developments in nonwovens, smart textiles, finishes and fibres will find successful applications in the care & cure sector.

The care & cure sector offers new opportunities the textile industry needs to be aware of !

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